Over the past few years, taco popularity has indeed taken off. People are visiting Mexican restaurants for their delicious taco options, hosting Taco Tuesday parties, and cooking them in their own homes.

While we all know that many, many people love tacos, a question remains: “Why do we love this Mexican cuisine so much?” Here are some answers.

First, people love tacos because they’re great for leftovers, no matter what time of the day it is. They’re just one of those foods that taste good cold, reheated, or two days later. It is also food that can be made into any type of meal for any time of the day. Breakfast tacos? Eggs, cheese, and sausage? You won’t even realize you’re stuffing your face with a Mexican delicacy typically consumed for lunch or dinner.

Another reason we all love tacos so much is that they’re one of the best Mexican foods for someone with a dietary restriction. If someone is vegan or vegetarian for example, they’re going to need something that’s made without meat or dairy. There are so many unique tacos out there, so you’re guaranteed to find one that works best for you. For example, a veggie taco would have no meat, and if you’re vegan, no cheese or sour cream. You can even opt for a lettuce wrap instead of a taco shell to indeed fit your dietary needs.

Getting tacos from a Mexican restaurant is a great meal option because you are typically served more than one. In most cases, tacos come in threes, so you’re going to get three tacos that will hit the spot and fill your stomach. It’s perfect for someone who is hungry because they’re going to have a lot to eat in one sitting. Sometimes, tacos come with sides like chips and salsa, so get your eating pants on and head to your local Mexican cantina restaurant! There are about 47,000 Mexican restaurant locations across the United States, so you’ll be able to find one pretty much anywhere.

Finally, we love one of the best Mexican foods (tacos) because they can be paired easily with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Margaritas or a lite beer like a Corona with lime are typically what a person will drink with a taco because the taste of the tequila or lime works well with the dish. There are so many types of margaritas, and sometimes, they’re so good that you can’t even taste the tequila.

It’s no secret that tacos are among favorites like Best Mexican Food Orlando Pepes Cantina out there. We know why we love them so much. Why do you?